v18 -  Music OSD issue
First, I want to say that all test have been made on a kodi portable installation (today's 64-bits nightly) with no other addon installed and absolutly no setting changed

Now the issue...

Seems like something is broken in latest leia nightly with music OSD

1- First test: start kodi and start music playback

[Image: 170714103150663332.png]

OSD show "paused" even if the song is actually playing

Log: https://pastebin.com/gbC5fp8W

2- Second test: start kodi, start video playback, stop video playback then finally start music playback

[Image: 170714103150886636.png]

OSD is correct

Log: https://pastebin.com/nUQNAtYM

Hope someone from kodi team could find where the issue come from

Do not hesitate to ask for more information if needed
Moanbag is in da place!
Just to be sure, I tested with yesterday's nightly (KodiSetup-20170712-9b94915-master-x64) without running into this issue
Moanbag is in da place!
The problem is, when music paplayer is first used, boolean Player.Paused is showing true and Player.Playing is showing false. If videoplayer instead is first used, the boolean is correct. My guess is the problem was introduced in ApplicationPlayer.cpp or GUIInfoManager.cpp by PR#12470 author FernetMenta.

[Just an aside: has nothing to do with OSD for music. That label in Estuary is from a VAR SeekLabel in DialogSeekBar].
scott s.
Update: It appears the problem is identified and a fix is in the works. PR#12505

Thanks to FernetMenta for the quick fix.

scott s.
Thanks for the info

Will wait for this PR to be merged and report back after
Moanbag is in da place!
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