What Determines Thumbnails/Logos
I am trying to figure out why the little thumbnail to the left of my movies can't make up its mind.

For some movies, it displays the studio logo
And for some movies, it displays the poster
And even other movies will display its thumbnail

All my movies are methodically scraped.
I have scanned and cleaned database multiple times

So what is the deal? What can i do to make sure these tiny thumbnails remain consistent?

Screenshot of an example:

Which skin are you using
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Most likely the set-up of the skin, the first choice is probably a poster, failing that default goes for an icon and lastly to snagged thumbnail. This order can be upset if there is a previous image in the cache thumbnails.
i am using Aeon Nox

EDIT: i discovered that scraping from within Kodi will get the studio logo. I have been using TinyMediaManager and MediaElch to scrape my movies (because i think they offer more control).

EDIT EDIT: i also just read that it has problems with movies with more than one studio.

Still doesnt explain why some are blank despite having a folder.jpg, logo, poster, clearart etc
And this is that support forum https://forum.kodi.tv/forumdisplay.php?fid=142
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