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Android - Krpton 17.3 Stutters on initial start of a video
I have a linux server with an ntfs share that I watch movies off of. When I start playback Kodi will frequently stutter and the screen will be very jumpy. If I pause it , or do a small rewind and hit play again it will smooth itself out most of the time. I have seen issues where a few minutes into the movie it starts doing the same thing.

Kodi 17.3 is running on a v1 Amazon Fire Stick. We have no issues streaming, so I am hard pressed to think its a bandwidth issue. The playback problem occurs on MKV, AVI & MP4 format files.

I have not tried to change any settings at this point - and suggestions on how to troubleshoot.
Why not provide a debug log so we can see what is going on under the hood?
Useful pages: Debug log (wiki) | First time user (wiki) | Troubleshooting (wiki) | Free content (wiki) | Forum rules (wiki)
I will pull a log tomorrow. I did put debug mode on and it looks like the CPUs are being maxed out on certain files, like the MKV.
Check if hardware acceleration is used.
Software mode might stress out the cpus

Krpton 17.3 Stutters on initial start of a video00