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Kodi 17 - Videos in Pictures
Environment: OpenELEC 8.0.4 on RasperryPi 3

I find out, it is a different to play videos in main-menu VIDEOS or main-menu PICTURES.

I have an example video made by a Sony DSC-400H camera. It is a MTS file (H294) with 1920x1080 ink. audio. The test video is located on local drive (not network).

If I play this file in the category VIDEOS then everything is fine.

But the file is normally placed as a part of a photo collection. That's why I would play the file in PICTURES. But this always crash Kodi. The different is, that the memory usage is gowning an growing and at 94% memory usage Kodi crashes. Until that limit the video is running.

If I play the file in category VIDEOS the memory usage is stable at ~20% and its OK.

It seems to me, that this is a bug in Kodi by using videos in PICTURES..?

The usage of the memory in PICTURES is growing while Kodi is creating thumbnails (or do other things). This cost the complete main memory! If I play the video in the meantime of this procedure then the playback crashes. If I wait e.g. 10s before I start the playback, then I see the growing memory, then the free of the memory and then the playback is also running here.
Quote:It seems to me, that this is a bug in Kodi by using videos in PICTURES..?
Thanks @nickr.

Just tested this. It works on my system. Placed a number of images and wma, mp4 videos in one folder and added source to pictures. Yes, it takes a while for a thumbnail to be extracted. But once extracted and cached there is no problem.

Won't play in the slideshow though, they have to be individually selected to play.
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Videos does (or should) work in pictures because people's digital camera usually produce both, and it is logical to have them together.
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