Devices used for Streaming content - Survey Results
Some might find this interesting, Page #5 has the USA comparison:


Pretty good read, though that chart is meh. It should be broken down a little more than just "Android TV" to split off dedicated players (Nexus/Shield) from Smart TVs.
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I'd be willing to bet that other category is so large since it includes smart TVs, but the majority of those run either Roku (TCL, Sharp, etc), Amazon Fire (Element), Android (Sony) or Chromecast (Vizio). The problem with surveys like this is it relies on the people answering the questions to have some idea about exactly what there system is and how it works, most people just hit the Netflix button and don't care what device is actually streaming the content. I find it hard to believe that 1/3 of all streaming devices are some weird other manufacturer, I don't think the penetration of smart Blu-ray players is that big.
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