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Manually add TV episode?
Tried searching, but couldn't find anything...

Is there a way to add a TV season and episode manually? I.e. create new season, add episode and link to file.

For example The League has a blot of extras, none of which are on TVDB (Deleted Scenes, Gag Reels etc) which I'd like to add to the series for example as an "Extras" season and add each episode manually.

Doable in EMM?
Any episode needs a season and episode number. If you've an episode that isn't listed at TVDB then use season 0 and a fictional episode number that is high enough to not to "overlap" with the known, e.g. S00E100.
Then the episode will be recognized and added to Ember and you can edit via Edit dialog to create the NFO and images.
Awesome! That works.

Thanks for all your work on EMM - it rocks! Smile

Manually add TV episode?00