How can I access Kodi from outside my home network?
I've recently figured out how to access kodi and stream to my phone from my home network. I was wondering if there was a faq or a sticky about accessing your kodi media center from public networks. I know my external IP, and i know i need to forward Kodi's port to that ip and different port. And I'm going to want it password protected so random people don't stumble into it. But I can't seem to get it to work.

I have att U-verse, which has a combo router/modem I've never dealt with before.

My kodi is running openelec 8.0.4, Kodi 17.3, on a raspi3.

Haven't tried asking ATT yet, hoping to keep them out of my doings as much as possible.
Sorry for asking, how to stream my mkv files collection?
@EvilWayz: Access from the outside into your local network works by opening the related port(s) in your router. Port forwarding is set up differently in each router. I would also recommend to use different ports for outside to prevent port scanners having an easy time. Example: use port 3244 external to internal 8080 (webserver). Other than that, it depends on which services you use: Samba, NFS, SSH, etcetera... BTW, port forwarding does not work with passwords.

@atupi: Why are you hijacking someone else's topic?
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So theres no secure way to access your media center on the public net? can i at least secure my smb shares?
I know this isn't Kodi support but I was just wondering if I had this right.

(2017-07-16, 23:01)EvilWayz Wrote: can i at least secure my smb shares?

Yes, turn them off.

Port forwarding to an OpenELEC - and even LibreELEC - device, is a really bad idea IMHO, doubly so if SMB is involved.

You're exposing these devices to the entire internet, and their security is very limited (non-existant in the case of SMB). It's probably a nigh on certainty that they will be compromised eventually, and then the rest of your network will be next.
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*sigh* I just wanted to watch my media on my phone when I'm out. :/
So take it with you on uSD card or something?
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Set up a properly secured webserver
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