Can't connect to SMB File share on Mac OS X (Windows works just fine)
So I've been setting up 3 Kodi boxes at home, two custom builds and one Mac Mini, and using MySQL as the Database. The first two machines (Windows 10) are up and running just fine. But when I'm trying to add the shares in Koding on the Mac Mini I just get "Timed out".

I've been reading in the forms and two hours later on google nothing have solved my issue.

I don't know if username and/or password should be printed in the log or if Kodi changes the username and password to "USERNAME" and "PASSWORD", but this is the log:
13:16:14.294 T:123145316945920 ERROR: GetDirectory - Error getting
13:16:57.559 T:140735178063872 ERROR: Previous line repeats 6 times.
13:16:57.559 T:140735178063872 ERROR: SMBDirectory->GetDirectory: Unable to open directory : 'smb://USERNAMETongue[email protected]/movies1'
unix_err:'3c' error : 'Operation timed out'
13:16:59.401 T:140735178063872 ERROR: GetDirectory - Error getting smb://

If I try to connect to the share in OS X using "smb://HTPC:***@" it works just fine, but Kodi just throws an error (Timed out)

I also rebooted the Mac Mini and the NAS, still with the same issue.

All systems are running Kodi 17.4, any ideas?

I wrote this a bit to early, seems that I found the reason in another post in this forum, I've recently disabled SMBv1 due to security flaws in that protocol, re-enabling SMBv1 and restarting the NAS and it works again. Should be good if SMBv2 would be supported?

On my Mac mini I use AFP (3.1 IIRC) . My synology nas supports this and have never had a problem with stability using it.
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Can't connect to SMB File share on Mac OS X (Windows works just fine)00