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Android/ARM Hardware for Picture Viewing?
I am running LibreElec (and tried OpenELEC) on my pretty old Intel Ion 2 box with 2 gigs of RAM. Fairly recently, when starting a slideshow, the memory will run out and Kodi will restart. I tried using a samba share, nfs share, openelec, and libreelec, and the kernel logs all will say something about it being out of memory, and I can see the memory running out when executing a 'free' command. Also, performance in the picture area is subpar, taking a long time to pop up with the picture and generate the thumbnails.

It seems like the majority of hardware recommendations out there will say use something other than an Intel x86_64 processor....such as Android or an ARM based processor. My experience with these are not the greatest, as I've discovered they lack performance in the menus and in things other than videos, since video playback is offloaded to an h.264 hardware decoder.

I was wondering what other people's experience has been with using an Android or ARM box with viewing pictures. Does it work as it's supposed to? Should I just bite the bullet and upgrade my box to an Intel x86 processor? As usual, price is an issue but I would rather cry once than whenever I want to view a gallery.

ION (2) boxes were sold with and without Nvidia gfx cards. The graphics are usually not the problem, but the low-end CPU, which has to do some crunching, is. The low end ARM boxes (RPi) also have a hard time using the network port at full speed. My personal approach: don't expect full PC performance from a small toy box (unless it is a NUC)

'Out of memory' could also mean a leak in the Kodi software.
Question: what size/resolution(s) are your pictures? Any samples you can upload to
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Wow, that was strange... I could had sworn I hit the quick reply button but I guess not... In any case...

My Ion 2 box was sold with an Nvidia graphics card but it is a low end CPU. It decodes video (h264 and mpeg2) just fine but some other areas are sluggish.

The pictures are rather large in size (about 10megs each) and about 20 or so megapixel. I uploaded the pictures here:

I have the raw files (NEF) in the same directory but excluded in the advanced settings xml file.


Finally, here is the debug log if it will help any...

and the dmesg log...

Thank You!

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