Help with using vban_receptor

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Zap91 Offline
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Hello folks,

I would really like to use VBan Receptor on my raspberry pi 2. It has libreelec and kodi installed and I would like to recieve windows audio with nearly no delay on my raspberry where my speakers are plugged into. I admit, I am a beginner to linux and what happens in the background of my Raspberry. Is it possible to have the following github package installed and made working on Libreelec?

If not, is there a way (or a person) who can create a kodi program addon that has this functionality? I really see forward to answers of you guys, because I am having a really hard time to learn these things. Thank you in advance! :-)
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DarrenHill Offline
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You might be better asking that on the LibreElec forum -

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nickr Online
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Docker may be the way to go.

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