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(2017-07-26, 12:28)DarrenHill Wrote:
Quote:While Team Kodi does not regulate what users install or use, we offer no support when your install includes add-ons that violate the forum rules. Failure to do so may result in a ban.

From the top of the banned addons (wiki) forum rules page (3rd line down).

But the point about perhaps directly including that in the main forum rules (wiki) page as well is a valid one to make it even more clear.
Is that new? ('This page was last modified on 25 July 2017, at 02:12.')
Just curious as I've not noticed it before - and I've banged on droned on written constructively about the rules not being clear more than once.

You make my point for me though - I can register and read through the entire forum rules page without having a clue that simply having an addon installed means my posts are binned. And if I've read the rules and aren't intending to start a discussion 'dealing directly with or linking to' dodgy stuff why would I think I need to read further?
The banned addons page is part of the rules.

I'm not sure specifically when the point was added, but it has come up before (possibly when you were droning on about it) and so has been included as a result of that.

I'll discuss it with the other mods towards adding it specifically to the main page as well. But in such cases where we apply it, we normally state why we're doing so and that devices with them in get no support (as opposed to threads directly asking about banned junk, which sometimes go straight to the bin with just the automated post).
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(2017-07-26, 12:36)trogggy Wrote: Is that new? ('This page was last modified on 25 July 2017, at 02:12.')

That edit was to include the " Terrarium TV " in the list of banned add-ons
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Quote:Welcome to the kodi forums. In order to make your stay more enjoyable please read the rules.
The short version:
  • Be nice
  • No selling stuff
  • No piracy*
* This forum is not a place for piracy discussions. If that's what you want the internet is a big place.
Don't ask about banned addons (wiki).
Don't talk about banned addons (wiki).
At some point if need help you'll be asked for a log. If there's a banned addon in it your post will be exterminated.
Enjoy your stay.
Please do take the time to read the forum rules (wiki) and banned addons (wiki) pages.
Did we mention the thing about banned addons (wiki)?
I might actually read something that long.
Troggy, (possibly being his normal annoying self) Blush given I believe his european (bias) basis of fair play for reference, makes a useful point.

I too live in the europe so I appreciate a different reference point (and yet I admit I have no time for those that just bang on needlessly about some subjects - 'beating a dead horse' as it used to be called)

I can quote from my own work/business life, that no matter how obvious it seems, the 'rules' still need to be spelt out, 300% clearly, in 10 different ways, both in legal and everyday terms, including requesting that users (employees... customers... etc...) sign that they understand and agree, AND thereafter some people will still not understand all things clearly...

So it's useful to have the Troggy's of this world to keep defining (redefining?) the finer points to be sure that all aspects are very clear, across various different jurisdictions, languages translations, cultures, and general usage platforms and understandings, etc, etc.

Let's use this as a positive and continue to update the relevant Kodi policies as necessary. The tech world moves pretty fast, and we need to keep up.

If I have helped you or increased your knowledge please click the 'Thumb Up - Like' button to show me your appreciation :)

For YouTube questions see the OFFICIAL THREAD, with the Latest Info in Post 1 & 2, & the Personal API Key Instructions and FAQ in Posts 3 & 4 & more ;)
(2017-07-25, 23:35)bluetoon Wrote: You certainly have a negative attitude towards people who aren't using Kodi the way you want them to use it. If you don't want people using particular add-ons or repositories then those should be banned through the application itself. It's incredibly disappointing that your support team will refuse to even answer a question or provide assistance simply based on the posters supposed intended usage of an add-on (not that you'd know, as you simply close the topic after jumping to your own conclusion).

Way to make other media options look a lot more appealing simply based on your support forum. I think I'll try a different media solution, I don't like the feeling of judgement I get from your website. Please take a good look at your rules and support staff and consider being a little more open minded and a little less assumptive. It isn't difficult to try and be helpful but you guys definitely will use poor excuses to refuse help.

Have a nice day.

The reason the forum rules exist is because Kodi has been misrepresented on the internet and other media as a platform that promotes/provides pirated content when it does not provide any content at all.

Addons and Kodi spinoffs (Kodi is open source) that promote piracy and other illegal activity are tarnishing the reputation of the official versions of Kodi and the people who develop Kodi and addon developers who play by the rules.

By using these addons and asking for help on a public forum does damage to the Kodi brand and its reputation.

As far as I am concerned compared to the commercial products on the market, Kodi does what it does very well and is a testament to the hard work people have put into it as a platform for making media centres and all the great addons and extensions.

There are also the people who help out with user support, moderators, and contributors on the forums and the Wiki/website.

I have helped out on the forums and the Wiki to give something back and I have donated money as well. I do not want Kodi's reputation trashed because someone wants help to do something they know they shouldn't be doing.
(2017-07-26, 00:22)bluetoon Wrote: I wasn't aware that I was unable to watch movies considered as public domain or whose copyrights had ended via those add-ons.

Sure you can. There's even an official archive.org plug-in.
We simply do not give support to people who have certain add-ons installed, it does not matter whether you use them to do illegal things or not.
To keep it simple there is a massive hint in the name of these add-ons: we call them unsupported.

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