v17 -  Question about Movie Set Artwork Sync settings with new kodi interface

Here is my local structure. Movies folder and Kodi portable installation folder are at the same level:

  └ @MovieSet Artwork
  └ Kodi.exe

All my paths in .\Kodi\portable_data\userdata\sources.xml are relative such as for instance:


   <path pathversion="1">special://xbmc/../Films/</path>
   <thumbnail pathversion="1">special://profile/vignettes/Films 02.jpg</thumbnail>

This setting among other has made my kodi setup portable along with the movies since many years. I use special protocol everywhere I can during kodi setup as long as it is supported by kody or an addon settings. Then I just have to copy/move those 2 folders in any location/drive and it is ready to go to use kodi with my movies source hassle free.

I used to use the Movie Set Artwork Automator addon to quickly import and apply movie sets customisation from E:\Medias\Films\@MovieSet Artwork to kody DB. I used this addon settings:


<setting id="artwork_folder_path" value="special://xbmc/../Films/@MovieSet Artwork" />

The artworks was properly applied but it resulted for instance in E:\Medias\Kodi\..\Films\@MovieSet Artwork\Hunger Games (Collection)-fanart.jpg in kodi database. If I used the kodi built-in feature to set a custom MovieSets Artwork, the database was ok: special://xbmc/../Films/Star Wars/Robot Chicken - Star Wars Trilogy/Robot Chicken Star Wars [2007]-fanart.jpg

Now, I've just jumped from EMM to the last 1.4.8 release and wonder if I can use the Kodi interface feature to go further. I haven't linked the Ember source to Kodi source yet but here is a template:


Ember shares the same movies source path as kodi but refers to it with an absolute path. The green one in screenshot allows EMM to load all my Movie Sets Artwork from E:\Medias\Films\@MovieSet Artwork in EMM sets list. But I would need when I sync those artworks with Kodi that Kodi saves them in the database with a relative path: special://xbmc/../Films/@MovieSet Artwork.

  1. Can I set EMM to make kodi save Movie Sets Artwork with relative path ?
  2. Is my settings in screenshot consistent to make it work or it doesn't make sense and I should only use the absolute E:\Medias\Films\@MovieSet Artwork everywhere to avoid issue?
  • Windows 10 x64
  • Kodi 17.6
Your MovieSet Expert settings are not needed. You've set exactly the same file names that the Kodi Interface Defaults checkboxes use (with the exception of NFO, but they are not read by Kodi anyway).

But you also have to use the same path like you've used in Expert setting for Settings => MovieSet => File Names => Kodi Interface => Path, otherwise Ember can't save the images to this path. You have to use the special:// path only in Kodi Interface host settings.

The system to convert the path for Kodi is very simple: Ember does only replace the MovieSet path with Kodi Interface Artwork Folder path (backslash or forward slash will also be changed if needed) while syncing, e.g.:
E:\Medias\Films\@MovieSet Artwork\Die Hard Collection-poster.jpg
will be replaced with
special://xbmc/../@MovieSet Artwork/Die Hard Collection-poster.jpg
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This is awesome. Kodi 17 + EMM 1.4.8 = better than ever !

Thanks for your work on it.
  • Windows 10 x64
  • Kodi 17.6
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