Pre-Release Version 2.9.4
I'm on Windows 10. It's a 3D SideBySide Bluray ISO. You know, the discs with 2x M2TS files (left and right eye) and the combined SSIF file in the BDMV/STREAM/SSIF folder.

It was not fair to start with this one, I know.
I'm on the latest nightly. What happened to handling the image cache? Now do I have to run rebuild image cache command manually after clear it? I think it used to rebuild it just by scanning movies.
whoops - i broke it Big Grin
Should work again - pls try.
It's working again.Thanks for the quick fix!
updated build:

+ OMDb API scraper. Private scraper: details at (thx @wjanes) -
+ added fallback language scraping with tmdb scraper (thx @ProIcons) -
+ added more detailed video resolutions #181 (thx @Gridluck)
updated build

omdb api scraper is now useable by all tinyMediaManager users with a throttling (10 calls / 15 seconds)
+ added mediainfo 0.7.98
- removed the RottenTomates scraper because this service is no longer available for public usage
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