Request changes to tag processing
You propose that artist names are parsed using just <artistsseparator> values and not the general <itemseparator>.

I guess this could be done, keeping backwards compatibility by adding " / " to the default <artistsseparator> values. But the change would adversely effect anyone that had already set-up <artistsseparator> for themselves. Therefore I am not enthusiastic about it. I am all for giving users the tools to configure Kodi however they like, but we do need to keep backward compatibility in mind along the way.

However I am not clear on why you want this. Comma "," is a really poor separator, it appears in too many band names, so does " and ", as you point out yourself. Is it really a problem with how genres are parsed rather than artist names?

Also are you aware of using the ARTISTS and ALBUMARTISTS tags? These work even without mbid tags, so rather than add " and " as an artist separator, add ARTISTS = "artist1 / artist2".

Can you be clearer on what tagging you have (from FooBar2000) that you want Kodi to interpret?

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RE: Request changes to tag processing - by DaveBlake - 2017-08-01, 11:04

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