Request changes to tag processing
Sorry to have let this hanging for such a long time, I guess I needed to do some self-searching. I just have some questions about tag reading at this time. Is my understanding correct that

- defines the character that separates multi-values in a tag field
- specifically in Kodi for artist and genre only
- for id3v2 tags only

- is used for further sorting the library and
- defines a character to further split a single artist tag value
- but also works on file naming level (?, unsure)

For artistseparator, the Wiki is not explicit on this.

On the topic of itemseparator, a few follow-up question.
  1. ID3v2.3 uses / as item separator. Hazarding a guess as to why, I'd say because the devs prefer supporting ID3v2.3 standard as it's more compatible (but less versatile).
  2. ID3v2.4 uses the NUL value as item separator. How would I write this value out in advancedsettings?
  3. VORBIS(FLAC) uses no item separators. Instead it repeats each value to a add a new one. Example:
    Software that correctly reads this will show 2 artists. Software without proper support will only show the first (I think) artist.
    Does Kodi correctly interpret VORBIS multi-values, including NOT applying any item separators?
  4. Then there's APEv2 tags. Those are a lot like Vorbis tags and use lists for multi-value fields.

Now, if none of my files have ID3v2.3 tags, I would assume that <itemseparator> will never be used and Kodi will read the tags from other tag types correctly without it. Am I right in this respect?
Once these doubts are cleared up, I will be able to improve compatibility between my foobar2000 tags and Kodi reading them. Thanks in advance!

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