Request changes to tag processing
But I will take time to answer your questions because I try my best to support users improving their tagging, and no you have not quite understood the use of separators in tags.

The itempseparator was originally introduced because some older tag formats e.g. id3 v2.3 do not support multi-value tags. Note that id3 v2.4 and Vorbis comments (used in FLAC files) do support multi-value tags, but the tag editors may or may not have made use of that.

Initially "/" was taken in artist names as a separator, I think the id3v2.3 standard even suggests that, but that gave problems with the band name "AC/DC". So then " / " was taken as the separator, but made configurable in Kodi. This single separator is applied to artist, albumartist, genre and mood tags in all tag formats. For the mood tag it is irrelevent because Kodi does not codify mood, so it may get split (for JSON API) but then gets joined back together again.

I added the artistseparator parameter in v17 in a further attempt to allow Kodi to better process the inconsistent way some users tagged their music files and accurately identify individual artists from those tags. Telling users to use multi-value tags, or item separator if the format couldn't, just was not working. Many still had things like "artistA feat. artistB" or "artistA; artistB, artistC" (in classical music) as the artist tag, and the artists node looked a mess.

So the user can add artist separator values, a set of char strings, to advancedsettings.xml, and Kodi applies those, in additional to the itemseparator, to the artist and albumartist tag for all tags formats to find individual artist names. By default this set of separators is { ";", " feat. ", " ft. " }, but you can easily extend it, or if you have artists with " ft. " in their name and no mbid tags you could change it. For example I use
<separator> feat. </separator>
<separator> Feat. </separator>
<separator> with </separator>
<separator> ft. </separator>
<separator> Ft. </separator>

So to summerize
(2018-03-04, 00:59)HeresJohnny Wrote: itemseparator
- defines the character that separates multi-values in a tag field
- specifically in Kodi for artist and genre only
- for id3v2 tags only
It can be a string, not a single char, by default is 3 chars " / " space-slash-space.
Applied to artist, albumartist, genre and mood
Applied to all tag formats
(2018-03-04, 00:59)HeresJohnny Wrote: artistseparator
- is used for further sorting the library and
- defines a character to further split a single artist tag value
- but also works on file naming level (?, unsure)
It is used for splitting artist and albumartist tags into individual artists
Is a set of strings
Does not apply to file naming, music library does not parse folder or file names in any way, call them what you like,
(2018-03-04, 00:59)HeresJohnny Wrote: On the topic of itemseparator, a few follow-up question.
  • ID3v2.3 uses / as item separator. Hazarding a guess as to why, I'd say because the devs prefer supporting ID3v2.3 standard as it's more compatible (but less versatile).
If you want just slash "/" as the item separator (and don't care about "AC/DC") then change the value use in advancedsettings.xml. Yes it was in the id3 v2.3 documentation, but the collective wisdom has been to ignore that. Using ";" would have been so much better an idea, to my knowledge no artists have that in their name, but they didn't.
(2018-03-04, 00:59)HeresJohnny Wrote:
  • ID3v2.4 uses the NUL value as item separator. How would I write this value out in advancedsettings?
There is no need. The NUL is that formats way of doing multi-value tags, and the tag reader separates those.
(2018-03-04, 00:59)HeresJohnny Wrote:
  • VORBIS(FLAC) uses no item separators. Instead it repeats each value to a add a new one. Example:
    Software that correctly reads this will show 2 artists. Software without proper support will only show the first (I think) artist.
    Does Kodi correctly interpret VORBIS multi-values, including NOT applying any item separators?
Yes Kodi correctly interprets multi-value Vorbis tags, and separators are not needed.
But you would be surprized how many people have ARTIST = "Elvis Costello / The Attractions" (one value), Kodi processes that correctly too.
(2018-03-04, 00:59)HeresJohnny Wrote:
  • Then there's APEv2 tags. Those are a lot like Vorbis tags and use lists for multi-value fields.
Your question? Guessing, yes Kodi correctly processes that tag format.
(2018-03-04, 00:59)HeresJohnny Wrote: Now, if none of my files have ID3v2.3 tags, I would assume that <itemseparator> will never be used and Kodi will read the tags from other tag types correctly without it. Am I right in this respect?
Once these doubts are cleared up, I will be able to improve compatibility between my foobar2000 tags and Kodi reading them. Thanks in advance! 
If you have  " / " in an artist or genre tag, of any format, then Kodi will split those as separate artists or genres. But with tag formats that support multi-value you do not have to use " / " to separate names or genres.

I hope that is clearer.

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