Export/Import and local artist art improvements
A useful older post from Scott is worth repeating here
(2016-03-31, 21:12)scott967 Wrote: 1. Export should allow to export artists, albums, or both.

2. It would be nice if export would allow for artist-name.nfo and album-name.nfo, though I don't know how to handle illegal file name (maybe standard "makelegalffilename" function) . But the database should add based on nfo file contents, not file name.

3. Single file export for artists will include <art></art> element containing currently assigned thumb and fanart (at least for local image files) but is ignored on import.

In light of the fact that music uses file meta-tags as main data source, I would consider getting rid of nfo file reading for music. Instead just use the music library import function. User can turn off online scraping during update.

1) Allow export of only artist or album in both single or multi file exports is a great idea.

2) Not eager to get into filename parsing, but definitely Kodi should add based on nfo file contents, not file name. Using Musicbrainz ID for match testing would also be essential to deal with artists with the same name.

3) Yeap.

I'll add another idea Scott has mentioned elsewhere:

4) Option to export items that have not been scraped. It is a convenient way to create a template of what needs data for manual editing (yes some people want to do that).

5) Either each export creates new dated folder (not always musicdb.xml) like video, or filenaming is optional.

But question for everyone else: do we remove the automatic artist.nfo scraping facility (as part of "fetching online info"), and just use import?

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