Export/Import and local artist art improvements
(2017-08-02, 23:51)DaveBlake Wrote: @Karellen don't be silent, opinions welcome.

The design and code is pretty easy actually, it is the UI addition that is stumping me the most - how to enter the export parameters (separate/sinlge?, where? images?, overwrite?, artists, ablums, both? non-scraped too?). If it was not Kodi I would just add an option dialog, but generally new dialogs are not appreciated (more skinning, different from video lib use etc.). The easy version is an ugly series of yes/no dialogs, but that is too horrible. I'm up for suggestions from those with more Kodi UI/skins experience.


I guess as a skin writer I can jump in here. From memory its four yes/no dialogs to do the equivalent in the video library, which I have no problem with as I need to do this so seldom. Potentially how many yes/no dialogs are we talking about here? If its five or six, who cares, but if more, yes probably getting out of hand. In the case of more than six dialogs maybe consider co-opting something like the addons settings dialog and presenting each option as a toggle setting or settings spin control as appropriate. The other thing you could consider is to make some of the options defaults that you change in advanced settings file.

Just my 2c worth, adjusted for inflation.
Wyrm (AppTV)

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