Export/Import and local artist art improvements
Here is the problem I see: First, I think album nfo scraping and album xml import both are working OK. So it's down to the artists. I think we can agree there should only be at most 1 nfo file for any artist/contributor. The problem is, how does Kodi find that nfo? I don't see any easy way to do it, since an artist could be associated with many songs or albums. Maybe one approach is like the "set artwork": Provide a "get nfo" button on artist info dialog that pops up the file browser with "browse" option (with top browse entry "* Item Folder" as for art). (OT but for some reason, there is no "* Item Folder" entry for artist fanart, but there is everywhere else in music and video). Of course on multi file export you need to handle multiple nfos per item, that's where I think using artist name (cleaned up) would work, then the user has to "parse" the result (when selecting via the file browser assuming above).

Also it seems like video does single file export to a new dated folder, while music always writes to musicdb.xml. Could we maybe have a filenaming option or do it like video?

scott s.
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RE: Music library export improvements - by scott967 - 2017-08-03, 04:27

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