Export/Import and local artist art improvements
@jjd_uk and @wrym thanks for UI input, I'll see what I can work out from looking at the code for CGUIDialogSettingsManualBase and how it is used for "set content" and addon settings dialogs. There is always more to learn about with Kodi.

Quote:Also it seems like video does single file export to a new dated folder, while music always writes to musicdb.xml. Could we maybe have a filenaming option or do it like video?
Good point Scott, added to my first post.

I've also just discovered that import (and I guess this thread is really about both operations) can't cope with artists that have the same name. Artists - name is not unique, and they don't always have unique folders. That is not "corner cases" as some of my colleagues would say, but a common situation in the real world!

Now I'm trying to do testing with nfo files I am hating having them scattered through my music folders. Sad
So inconvenient to manage.

The cdArt addon adds a folder (in a nominated place?) for every artist it stores art for, and that could be an approach taken for artist.nfo files too. i.e. add folders for those that don't have one. But adding a folder to hold artist.nfo seems worse than adding <artist-name>.nfo, at least with art there can be multiple images (thumb, fanart, poster etc.). And what about those non-unique artist names?

Having many artists in an xml file is a attractive to me, just need to use more than name to identify who is who.

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