Export/Import and local artist art improvements
(2017-08-05, 12:31)meowmoo Wrote: can some one post a example of a non-unique artist name, i jave 800+ artist in my DB but all of them are unique
From my own collection I have two "John Williams", both famous
a) the classical guitar player (of "Cavatina" fame)
b) the composer/conductor of music from films such as Star Wars, Superman etc.

But Musicbrainz is full of them, for example there are 23 bands all called "Eclipse".
I guess the broader (and more obscure) your music collection the more likely it is to hit them.

(2017-08-05, 12:31)meowmoo Wrote: I like the idea, I have a folder on my NAS, where I store all the Music Art.
I use CdArt Manager, Skinhelper and Artist Slideshow, and all 3 addons are using that one folder. So if I could Point the Export Funktion to this Folder also, everything would be in one place. And i dont need to clutter my Music Folder with nfos and jpgs

Folders looks like

----------folder.jpg (artist thumb)
I am warming to the idea of having separate artist folders in a nominated place, as a way to hold both nfo and various art, and thus avoiding cluttering the music folder with nfos and jpgs. Thanks for the input. Smile

But just need to have a way to handle the non-unique artist names, and also names that don't make acceptable folder names. MusicbrainzID is unique, but does not make a human friendly folder name.

Quote:I have never used the Export function, but this could be used as a "backup" function, if there is a reason to wipe the DB, it should be much faster to rescan/import the Music than a "clean rescan" ?
To make a backup copy the MyMusicXX.db. Building the lib by scanning embedded tags is not too arduous so I don't see a need to convert the entire db contents to xml. A rescan of tags is often the fix for a broken DB.

But what a useable and reliable export/import facility can do is replace the time consuming process of fetching extra data and art from online sources. As load on these great free resources grows access seems only likely to become slower or more limited, or resources simply collapse. So Kodi needs to be a "good neighbour", scrape once and only repeat for new music, or fetching new/changd info.

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