Export/Import and local artist art improvements
Quote:But just need to have a way to handle the non-unique artist names, and also names that don't make acceptable folder names. MusicbrainzID is unique, but does not make a human friendly folder name.
Could you concatenate the artist and musicbrainz id?

PHP Code:
------Album 1
------Album 1 

Although, what then happens if a library is not tagged with musicbrainz? Could you use an AudioDB identifier instead?

Quote:So Kodi needs to be a "good neighbour", scrape once and only repeat for new music, or fetching new/changd info.
Agree. Last week I performed a Fresh Start on my 4 year old install. The main reason was that I had just tagged my 300 odd albums with MusicBrainz Picard. It was amazingly simple to do. I ended up having to add about 40 albums to their database, which I found quite time intensive. Added lots of artwork as well.

I already had nfo and local artwork for the Video section. All I did there was perform another export to separate files, and said no to all artwork, as the artwork was already there. I didn't want it being overwritten with the inferior cached copies. I scraped into my new library... and it all just worked perfectly. All resume points, last played, play counts all were there.

Came to the music library. The scan was flawless. But I ended up with very little artwork showing as most of my albums are Various Artists. Haven't performed the online scrape yet... probably overnight tonight if I remember
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