Export/Import and local artist art improvements
I like a combination of power and simplicity Smile
I take the points made, thanks. It is no effort to manually correct the art for one of the John William's etc., or sort out the Alice Coopers. However Kodi will need to allow for name duplicates when exporting so not to overwrite one artist with the other.

Of course the issue is not NFO files. Basically if Kodi can cope with it all in one xml file, then it can deal with lots of separate files in the same way. Match the contents to what it wants to be added to by mbid or name, the file can be located anywhere.

The slightly trickier issue is artist images - what artist does "folder.jpg" belong to?

The strategy has been that if it is somewhere above an album then it is an image of the (frist) album artist, which makes some sense. But then it tried to be clever and allow for diverse folder layouts, looking where related music files were and extrapolating above that too.

It would help to switch to an artist name based approach - the art all in a <artistname> folder - as the cdArt addon already uses. Make it core Kodi behaviour, after all lots of users already think it is.

But how much backward compatibility does it need to support? If Kodi stops looking way back up the folder tree for images, some images will stop appearing - for some users that will be a good thing, but for others it will be bad (all those "happy accidents").

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