Export/Import and local artist art improvements
Took a quick look at first thing is, on the mediasettings when I select export, I get libexportsettings and the the settings available are:

Choose kind of export
Destination folder
Items to export
Include items that have not been scraped

Default export is "single file"

On dialogselect for kind of export I get
single file (same as current)
separate files per entry (unclear -- this means use the artist folder defined in mediasettings?)
To library folders (this is old multi-file export?)

Test 1. Select single file albums only. Nothing happened (AFAICT). This is because I didn't have any destination folder set. There should be feedback to the user that the operation will fail due to no destination folder.

Test 2. Set a destination folder and then repeated. Export file was generated with a date stamp in filename (thanks). Settings were album only/include items not scraped. Export file included albums only (thanks) and included both scraped and unscraped albums (thanks).

Test 3. Same as test 2 but items to export: album artists. Again export file generated with a date/time stamp in filename (unclear why a different format is used; first filename is kodi_musicdb2017-09-08.xml, second one is kodi_musicdb20170908_130405.xml). Also no indication that export file first one is albums, second album artists (not major, just would be convenient). On this one none of the artists had been scraped; all were exported (thanks).

I will have to set up a new test source to try song and other artists. But so far, just having this single file export options feature is a big help.

scott s.
maintainer of skin  Aeon MQ5 mods for post-Gotham Kodi releases:
Leia see: 304472

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