Export/Import and local artist art improvements
Karellen Wrote:Wondering if the "OK" button can be renamed to something like "Start" or "Export Now".
Not sure what the UI philosophy is about that. Following other dialogs here OK = do it, cancel = give up. I await more UI feedback from the team for this.

You will have noticed that under the guise of improving export, I have also addressed the art and nfo only for compliant album artists issue too. Smile
This is more for us dummies. I called up the settings dialogue page. I am entering my backup parameters. I click OK and expect that this will save my settings and take me to the next screen that says something like "export now? Yes/No". Just feel it is a bit more user friendly if I am told pressing this button will start the export instead of thinking this is saving my settings.

Karellen Wrote:I see a conflict with file names for single file export and multiple exports on the same day. User might be testing, or incrementally building the library and export will overwrite previous
Not sure what conflict you are seeing? Overwrite of exitsing art and nfo is optional, and single file adds time to output if it fines an earier one. Can you expand on this?
See image... https://ibb.co/iTXy6v
On my install here, those options are greyed out and I could not access them. I also failed to mention that with the single file exports, no artwork was exported. Ok, wasn't aware that Kodi will modify the file name if it finds another export file there.

Quote:Export not ok- No artist.nfo created
This comment was meant to apply to all artists, not just the Fleetwood Mac example. No artist.nfo were created for any artist.
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