Export/Import and local artist art improvements
(2017-09-10, 05:58)scott967 Wrote: Test 4/5 was "separate files per entry, 4 was album artist and 5 was albums,album artists. They were extracted to the "destination folder". I did notice that when the album artist and album names were identical the album folder created had _nnnn appended (nnnn is from album mbid, but need to test what happens if I didn't have an album mbid). It doesn't seem like it is necessary to have the name collision test between artists and albums?
Update. Looking through the nfos and folders created, I do have one other album that the export folder name has the album mbid appended, and I don't see that there is any name collision at all between it and artists or songs.
The collision testing covers a number of things:
  1. (First) album artist and album name repreats - get lots of these with classical music e.g. Bruckner / Haitink / Vienna Phil "Symphony No. 3", and Bruckner / Chailliy / RSO Berlin "Symphony No. 3"
  2. Same artist and album on totally different paths - you can have same album twice in Kodi if one tagged with mbid and the other isn't (a 3rd will overwrite one or the other when scanned into lib) and they are on separate music sources. This happens with my test data, less likely in real life perhaps?
  3. The collision testing allows for all artists and albums in the library, not just the ones being exported, so that a consistent/repeatable folder name is given. So say exporting just scraped albums, collisions with those not scraped but could be exported later is avoided.
Now I don't know if that explains your results, or if I have made collision avoidence too sensitive. The collision testing is done using SQL, so I can let you have the queries to examine your data with if that is any use. In my own testing this did find a few hidden tagging errors (mixed mbid tags), and duplicates I didn't know I had.

Interested to check this deeper.

Quote:I notice on the album.nfo files the <track> data is no longer exported?
Yes, the scraped track listing (with no relationship to what music you have) is being deprecated in v18. Removed from both nfo and album info dialog. Many skins already display the far more useful list of songs on the album info dialog, but I anticipate changing the dialog to do that by default. There need to be some other core implementation changes to that dialog (split db access off main thread), so it will all come in a dialog PR.

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