Export/Import and local artist art improvements
Back to thinking aloud...

My current idea is to add song ratings, playcount and lastplayed date to the album xml (both in album.nfo and single file export) as a means to save and restore the song data that Kodi creates and changes (or the user enteres via Kodi) during use.

At the moment that data gets lost if you do a fresh install, or drop a source etc. I feel it is wise that Kodi does not mess with the media files it plays, so saving as music file tags is out. But it would be so nice to be able to tranfser the values. Someday that kind of data may become user profile dependant too, but no reason not to do something while waiting for that.

By tying it to album, rather than music file, it also means that the data can easily be transfered if music files are moved about. Again at the moment moving music files, unless you dig into the db manually, means loosing ratings etc.

Downside is what to do for singles? There is a fake album entry per artist with singles, export that??

Also probably need an export option for this song data, after all sometimes you may want to start with a clean slate, not have old play stats imported. But want to keep that dialog as simple as possible.

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RE: Music Export/Import improvements - by DaveBlake - 2017-09-10, 10:17

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