Export/Import and local artist art improvements
Thanks for the comprehensive UI feedback @jjd_uk, I had better reply while the forum is still up.

1) OK button to "Export", or a confirmation dialog
Personally it is pretty clear that a dialog with a heading "Export Music library" is going to do something when it is clicked. Hitting users with confimation requests all the time is just bad design, the action can be cancelled from the progress dialog anyway, and it is just going to export not reconfigure their life!

But we are in the settings section so maybe people get could confused. Two of you agree so I will change to use a custom button rather than the Ok button (since the CGUIDialogSettingsManualBase dialog does allow that).

I do wonder if library management (clean, export, import) should not burried under settings>media>library at all?

2) Navigation to Artist information folder setting
Good idea, @Karellen made same, I will see if I can implement. The addon example is slightly different, but a good place for me to start.
Quote:Also while on subject of Artist information folder I guess there a good reason for it being outside the new export dialog, is it now or in future plans going to be used for import or something else as well?
It will be the place that scraping artists looks for local nfo files or art, and that other addons can add additional artist art. See my previous posts.

I am going to try and give the user the option to set this when they add their first music source too. That would be the best time to ensure it is set, not just when exporting.

3) Meaning of "Separate files per entry"
A hangover from before, I will replace with "Separate files for each item".

4) Make "Choose kind of export" a child setting of "Items to export"
Sorry no. The export options, including the items to export, depend upon the kind of export. I am about to add the option to export song playback data (playcount, lastplayed and rating) when kind is single file. This dynamic data, currently lost when user drops a music source or does a clean install, does not belong in separate nfo files (they hold static artist and album data) but can usefully be exported on mass for subsequent import.

5) What are "Other artists"
"Other artists" = those artists (individual people, or groups of individuals like an orchestra, choir or DJ team), involved in the music in some way but not credited with being album or song artists. For example musicians, producer, lyricist, composer, DJ mixer, engineer etc. (even the person that designed the album cover, or made the tea if you have tagged it). Because of the introduction of an artist info folder Kodi will be able to scrape artist.nfo for these artists too. In v17 they can already be scraped online, just not exported or scraped locally.

Elsewhere in Kodi (name of a node that no one bothers to look at) and older forum posts I have referred to these as "contributors" but I'm not sure that is any better.

It needs to be succinct as all the chosen items appear in a row on the dialog. Can we not just explain in the wiki help, after all this is a more advanced feature.

6) Using "NFO" in the kind of export
When exporting to separate files it creates both NFO and image files, not just NFO. Also there is an option with this kind of export to only export images and not NFO at all. So I do not think it should say "nfo" specifically.

We can not explain in just a few words so don't, use the nice wiki. Smile


Thanks for testing and feeback, it is appreciated even when I don't agree.

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