Export/Import and local artist art improvements
(2017-09-26, 23:09)scott967 Wrote: IIUC if you use NFKD on Korean Hangul it decomposes each syllable into the corresponding Jamo? That can be helpful for doing searches (find all artists whose strArtist starts with "ㄱ" would find Kim - "김") but it makes for kind of unreadable folder/file names. Don't know how users of accented characters deal with it. Also not too sure on the effect it has on Japanese half-width and full-width forms. I think it might create illegal characters for some file systems.
Thanks Scott, so sounds like I continue as I am - removing the reserved characters e.g. "/", but leaving unicode intact. Languages and international setting support is not my strong point, but I have tried some testing and that seems to be fine.

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