Export/Import and local artist art improvements
I gave the test build a quick go:

I imported a clean music library but got a new pop up asking where I save the artist-info. I'm not sure why any normal user needs to see this. Surely it should be saved in a default location in userdata for consistency?
I ended up accidentally cancelling the setting and it imported anyway. Now where is my artist-info saved? Rather confusing.
I tried setting the location in the settings and re-scan, but no change as far as I can see.

NOTE: also got the "do a full scan even though tags are unchanged?" dialogue, cool feature but is that part of this PR? Or did I just miss this getting merged Smile Great if so!

EDIT: tested export but the location is blank (what did the popup from earlier do? seems confusing to me).

- Export to single file works as expected (no artwork present)
- Export to separate files works as expect (but I think artwork should be enabled by default, do we really need such granular control over this? When I click export I just want it "to work")
- Export to library folders (sounds dangerous, not sure I want to test that...)


EDIT2: I see that album covers are named "folder.jpg", since there is no album sub folder, what is the logic for multiple albums? Oh and where is the artist thumb? Maybe these got confused? Smile

Nice work though, a good improvement I think!
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RE: Music Export/Import improvements - by docwra - 2017-10-11, 12:47

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