Export/Import and local artist art improvements
Zag thanks for feedback. I am trying to move to having an Artist Info Folder (and solve all the funnies that go with trying to mix it in with the music folder layout) in a backwards compatible way. That may need some fine tuning.

Quote:Surely it should be saved in a default location in userdata for consistency?
Well no, userdata is not the best location for nfo files and art work, for example Kodi and hence userdata could be installed on a small SD card in a RPi . The artist nfo and artwork wants to be on some kind of mass storage device, similar to the music files themselves, but not mixed in with the music. Until the user adds some music we have no way to know where that will be.

Quote:I ended up accidentally cancelling the setting and it imported anyway. Now where is my artist-info saved? Rather confusing.
I tried setting the location in the settings and re-scan, but no change as far as I can see.
The Artist Info Folder is a where the user can put artist art and nfo files for Kodi to use. It is not mandatory, and for backwards compatibility Kodi will still find artist art nfo located above the music files, but with the old limitations (i.e. only for album artists that have all the music by that artist and only that artist under one folder, and all music by an artist in same music source, and no collaborations).

If the user does not give a location on first adding music source, like you didn't, then it is not a problem. But the prompt appears then to allow those that do have additional artist stuff (including art for song artists, and those on separate sources, or collaborators etc. ) to enter it.

Artist nfo and art is only saved to the Artist Info Folder when you export, or if an addon saves it there (that isn't implemented yet, but will be as soon as Marcel and I can work together on it).

I hope that things can be made clearer, changing messages perhaps, certianly writing guides and wiki. Smile

Quote:NOTE: also got the "do a full scan even though tags are unchanged?" dialogue, cool feature but is that part of this PR? Or did I just miss this getting merged.
Feature to forced full rescan has been in nightlies since start of year available via as.xml setting, but took this chance to improve the UI for it.

Quote:Export to separate files works as expect (but I think artwork should be enabled by default, do we really need such granular control over this? When I click export I just want it "to work")

The export of images has always been optional, I would not want to start forcing it, would you? Maybe a user wants to capture the artist info (nfo stuff), but feel the images are crap so doesn't want to save them. Also the images saved in this way are at cached resolution, possibled compressed from original, so overwrite needs to be optional. Could easily want to overwrite nfo but not art etc.  Mostly I see art being added to the Artist Info Folder by addons or the user manually rather than exported.

This work adds 3 new options: what items exported, export of unscraped items, and (when to separate files) to do art and not NFO. These are because export now has the facility to output a lot more artists, hence they give the user the option to retain the old functionality. Not everyone will want to create a folder for every artist in their library everytime they export.

But the key thing to consider about this is why are you clicking "export"? What you do want to just work?
Export is an advanced feature, not something a beginner would need to use. Unlike video export it is not about making a backup. Importing previously exported files to an empty music library does nothing. The purpose of the music export facility is to help (more advanced) users to manipulate/control the local additional data that Kodi can handle for artists and albums. It is support for local scraping, and really useful if your music collection is not mainstream.

In time I also hope it will be used to reduce the need to refetch the same data from the online sources, when say transfering to a new device or doing a clean install. But those activities are also advanced.

Quote:Export to library folders (sounds dangerous, not sure I want to test that...)
Not dangerous, it is mostly what old export to separate files did but using the Artist Info Folder for artists stuff. Export to separate files creates folders and files for both artists and albums under the destination folder you give, export to library folders puts the album stuff with the music files, and the artist stuff in folders/files under the Artist Info Folder.

Zag I am interested in what happened with your DJKhaled example. What albums do you have for that artist, and can I see the album.nfo file please. An album folder should have been created under the artist one.

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