Export/Import and local artist art improvements
(2017-10-11, 16:17)DaveBlake Wrote:
Quote:The artist nfo and artwork wants to be on some kind of mass storage device, similar to the music files themselves, but not mixed in with the music. Until the user adds some music we have no way to know where that will be.
Is there a logistic reason why it can't be in with the music?  My music is in a folder called "music".  It makes sense to me to shove the "artist info" folder in that folder too, but I can put it wherever it has to go.

Quote:The Artist Info Folder is a where the user can put artist art and nfo files for Kodi to use.

Quote:The purpose of the music export facility is to help (more advanced) users to manipulate/control the local additional data that Kodi can handle for artists and albums. It is support for local scraping, and really useful if your music collection is not mainstream.

In time I also hope it will be used to reduce the need to refetch the same data from the online sources, when say transfering to a new device or doing a clean install. But those activities are also advanced.

Is Kodi making use of this info in your build, or is that still being worked on?.  The export seemed to work, it took all the "mishmash" artists out of the kodi library and put them into the "artist info" folder (which I'd actually created in the "music" folder, I hadn't reread this thread properly before I started mucking about.)  Is it possible to scan that extra info into Kodi, or get it to show up automagically, or do we just need to browse to it to "suck it into" Kodi?

Thanks again for all your work.

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