Export/Import and local artist art improvements
(2017-10-12, 15:51)bilgepump Wrote: Unfortunately, although all the exported artist info is there in the "artist info" folder, Kodi doesn't pick any of the pictures up for the "compilation" artists.  It only has what it used to have - the album artists' pictures.  This is a "new" installation in that it's a portable mode installation of your build.  All the "extra" artists from compilations have an icon (bloke in a suit and tie wearing headphones) with their name underneath, but no picture of them. 

The "artist information folder" is identified under Media/Music/library/Artist information folder.  Kodi doesn't seem to have "sucked up" the pictures, although they are there.
I'm not quite sure what you are saying. Is it that you have albums with songs by "artistX", but no albums by that artist. And you have an image for artistX, in a file called folder.jpg located in a folder called "artistX" in your Artist Info Folder.

If you then do ""Query info for all" from the context menu within the artists node (where you see the bloke in a suit and tie wearing headphones) that wil pick up the image. But I may have misunderstood.

I think you were expecting scanning to pickup local art, and it didn't. Now that may not be an unreasonable expectation, but it isn't what I have implemented. Scraping picks up nfo and art. But I will give it some thought.

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