Export/Import and local artist art improvements
(2017-10-14, 16:31)bilgepump Wrote: "Those "obscure names" are in the database."
Yes, but they get there from kodi scanning the artist info folder, don't they? Or are all of those weird and wonderful names all in the tags?
They are all in the tags, that is where they come from and why Kodi later looks for art for them.
You could add a folder called "XXXXXX", Kodi would not create an artist just because that folder was there.

Quote:I tried again, afresh.  Still no joy.  Somebody had mentioned a prompt to set the artist info folder, I didn't get a prompt, I just put it in manually in the settings.
Manually in settings is fine.

Quote:Well, I can see the pictures when I browse the folder in windows explorer, and if I browse to the folder from within Kodi and manually pick up the thumb, the picture will appear in Kodi.  It's there.  A "folder.jpg" and an .nfo with all info about the person.  Some don't have pictures, there are names that I've never heard of and I'm clueless as to who they are.  The internet seems similarly clueless, because it hasn't picked up any picture for them.
Hum... I wonder if somehow in your manouvres the artists got set as already scraped, hence "Query for all" didn't try to find anything. Interesting, but I'm still not seeing the light. Sad

Just to be clear - you have (not so obscure) song artists, with art in the Artist Info Folder but after "Query for all" from artists node you don't see this art. Right?

But starting again, OK I look forward to your feedback Smile

Quote:BTW, I feel a bit sorry for artists who are on releases and the people who bought the release has no clue who they are..... Smile Who ARE all of these people?
My song artists are not that obscure, so now you have me curious about your music collection. Or did you export "other artists" too? That is fine, it means that you have a folder for all the people involved in the muisc - producers, lyricists, engineers, composers etc. If you tagged using Picard they will all be there from the tags Smile

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