Export/Import and local artist art improvements
(2017-10-14, 19:50)DaveBlake Wrote:
Quote:They are all in the tags, that is where they come from and why Kodi later looks for art for them.
You could add a folder called "XXXXXX", Kodi would not create an artist just because that folder was there.
Thanks.  It can be very confusing getting your head around this stuff.  Tag information, files information, library informaion, just where things are and where they come from is complicated (I still don't really understand where the tags ARE, the tag editor or musicbrainz brings them up but where exactly are they?  Somewhere..... Big Grin)

Quote:Hum... I wonder if somehow in your manouvres the artists got set as already scraped, hence "Query for all" didn't try to find anything. Interesting, but I'm still not seeing the light. Sad
Well, the source was "Music" then underneath the "Artist Info Folder" and each artist with their albums as subfolders... When the source was added and scanned, it did scroll through all the info in the artist info folder, I could see it doing it.  Maybe that confused it?    I can mess about a bit, later, to try to figure it out.

Quote:Just to be clear - you have (not so obscure) song artists, with art in the Artist Info Folder but after "Query for all" from artists node you don't see this art. Right?
I see it now, with the new build, and having the artist info folder in a different location, it worked.

Quote:My song artists are not that obscure, so now you have me curious about your music collection. Or did you export "other artists" too? That is fine, it means that you have a folder for all the people involved in the muisc - producers, lyricists, engineers, composers etc. If you tagged using Picard they will all be there from the tags Smile
I probably exported the lot.  I have classical albums and I thought that would throw out both the composer and the orchestra and that sort of info.   Besides, as I'm just mucking about, I wanted to see what happens, it's not like I'm doing it on my "proper" Kodi.

Apart from cds I've bought from the "proper" music shop/regular shops, I buy cds from the opshops, they only cost a dollar or something ridiculous these days.  Most of "my" music is still on records and cassettes, so my cd collection has stuff I've bought without knowing too much about it/ just having one good song on it/curiosity.  It probably isn't that the artist is that obscure, just that I've no clue who they are (Felix da Housecat?  Seriously? Big Grin).  Many I know are off a "dance music" (I call it disco Big Grin) cd I got, but there are some other names I don't recognise that I'm not sure what album they're on (probably a movie soundtrack, I suspect)

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