Export/Import and local artist art improvements
(2017-10-15, 16:59)DaveBlake Wrote: but want Kodi to magically fetch it online.

I think real beginners  have to get their head around tagging their files before any magic will happen....Big Grin  I think there's a learning curve that can't be avoided.  Tagging, setting a source, scanning in the items from the source and then scraping to add information and artwork, either from an online information provider (at first) or from local information when you've already downloaded or added your own information.

I like the idea of being asked to set the folder at the stage you've got it.  If you tie the setting to scraping, you'd need a dialogue for scraping locally, and also one for the "exporting to" if/when people want to do that, wouldn't you?  I can't remember the actual wording of the dialogue now, but it seemed pretty clear what it is asking.  Could it be made clearer for first-time users by saying something on the end like "if you are setting up Kodi for the first time and don't yet have any local artwork to import or export, you can set this later at settings-wherever" so people don't sit there wondering what on earth it is and worrying that they HAVE to put something in. 

I like that Kodi has scanning and scraping separate.  Once you realise you have tag/fix the tagging, you'll be glad that it doesn't go right ahead and scrape, or else you might end up with Ella Fitzgerald all over the place like I did.  Big Grin

(BTW, I'm not sure that I've encouraged anything, or what?)

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