Export/Import and local artist art improvements
I was testing the 1013 test build. I notice a change in adding artist thumb/fanart via the music information dialog. Previously (master 1010 nightly and before) when you open music information on an artist, and select either "get thumb" (radiobutton 10) or "get fanart" (radiobutton 12) Kodi would look in the artist folder for folder.jpg or fanart.jpg, and if found display it the file browser "Browse for image" as "Local thumb" / thumb://Local or "Choose fanart" as "Local fanart" / fanart://Local and it then could be directly accepted. Or you could select the "Browse" option, which then refreshed the file browser with "Thumbnail" or "Fanart" and in either case the first option is *Item folder.

This no longer works in the 1013 test build -- You don't get "Local thumb" nor "Local fanart" as options, and you don't get *Item folder as browse options either. At least for me that's kind of a step backwards. The Local thumb/fanart helped me as I use album artist to hold alias which I know is not supported but worked out in this case. But also for compilation (song) artists I also put their art alongside album artist art as <artistname>-poster or <artistname>-fanart and the *Item folder made it easy to find these.

I guess if all artist art is moved to a user-defined artist art folder tree the current functions don't make sense, but then you have to do a lot of clicking/scrolling to get to the folder containing the desired art. Or maybe I don't understand the intent of how local artist art is intended to be added to the library in the new scheme.

scott s.
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