Export/Import and local artist art improvements
(2017-10-18, 23:14)scott967 Wrote: It could be unique to my situation, don't know how universal it is. ...
I think that it is unusual, most users seem to avoid multiple album artists if they can. If I understand it (to handle alias names for non-latin named artists) you have in effect tagged albums as if they are collaborations. Unlike the usual multiple album artist situation, because both artists are one person or band it is easy to have all the music by "both" all under one folder and only that folder. So I can see how v17 behaviour would work for you.

I can also see why what I have done in build 1013 will behave differently. I have stopped Kodi returning a folder as the "artist folder" (where art and nfo could be found) if that folder is not unique to just one artist. It is a good way to avoid the many mistakes that happen when, for whatever reason, the way the music files are organised results in the same folder being found for different artists. I am reluctant to reverse that. If I can get things working better automatically then I hope you see that as a fair trade off.

(2017-10-18, 23:14)scott967 Wrote: If it were possible that using a local artist info folder source tree "browse" could  find the folder that matches the current item artist as the first option that would I think pretty much do the same thing as the current art finding process for album artists (with the obvious benefit for song / contributors).
Yes I think that is a good way forwards.

(2017-10-18, 23:14)scott967 Wrote:
DaveBlake Wrote:a) For backwards compatibility do we provide a way to get to the folder Kodi v17 and below would have taken as the artist folder (the folder above all the folders containing music by that album artist)? It will still pick up art from there if such a folder is unique for the album artist, but prefers art from the approriate folder within the Artist Info Folder if it exists.
b) Do we provide a quick route to the approriate folder within the Artist Info Folder?

Perhaps both, or maybe b) with fall back to a)?
I find that *item in v17 only goes somewhere useful for album artists, when on song artists (no album) or other contributing artists (producers, lyricist etc.) it just opens on my root directory.
If user settings has set artist info folder, then (b), if empty then (a).   Selecting of remote art would be unchanged.
For selection of remote art to be unchanged, when the path found by a) is not unique to one artist you would still like it offered when browsing for art. I am wondering if this could be modified in some way to avoid dropping you in root the way v17 does.

(2017-10-18, 23:14)scott967 Wrote: Getting art during the scrape phase (except embedded album art?) makes sense.  Normally on my production Kodi my album scrape finds all the album.nfo  and I don't go on-line for it.  
Good. Yes embedded album art still gets found during tag scan phase when files are being processed.

(2017-10-18, 23:14)scott967 Wrote: I don't bother with artists due to the current artist.nfo limitations, and just do a library import to get them.  But I guess that won't get any art in the new method?  
Actually yes it should. Moreover where you used to have to still manually visit each artist after import to "activate" the art, it now it should be fully set just as the current art by import. Please test that out.

(2017-10-18, 23:14)scott967 Wrote: But I just moved the MyMusic60.db from my production Kodi into the tester and let it build MyMusic67.db then did an export to export folder of artists and art so now I have no reason to import the artists, I can just scrape that export folder?

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