Export/Import and local artist art improvements
(2017-11-02, 23:35)Bryan_W Wrote: So, while I haven't read every single post in this thread, from what I did read I got the impression that idiots where welcome to join in on the testing........so here I am. I've spent the last few days playing around with version 1025.

For starters, I should say that I like the look/feel/flow of the new export screens....Big improvement Dave......much less confusing in addition to better output.

Second, I have to admit that most of my "playing" has actually been fixing mistakes in tags that were only noticed while analyzing my newly exported folder structure...... most errors being caused by the Performer/Musiciancredits field. With that said, so far I only have a couple of observations:

a.) A lot of album sub folder names were appended with partial MBID's (similar to the post where Dave wrote about  artists having the same name) but this is with albums that don't have the same name and it also doesn't seem to be consistent. - My album folder under Aretha Franklin is "Aretha Franklin_918d" but my album folder under Bob Dylan is just "Bob Dylan" - no MBID appended.
b.) Not sure I can clearly describe this one, but the bottom line is that if I do multiple exports to different directories, the newly generated "trees" don't get the same number of "folder.jpg's" and fanart.jpg's...... no scanning or scraping in between exports. I'll post back if I pick up on a pattern as to when a folder gets a jpg transferred and when it doesn't.

EDIT: It appears (probably no surprise to most) that the appended folders are the result of tagging errors. My initial export generated a sub folder for Bob Marley's album "Legend" to "Legend_edfd". Checking the "album" (actually only have 2 tracks from it) with mp3tag, I found that one track did not have a MB album id while the other did. Fixed it, updated/cleaned library, and did a fresh export and the album sub folder was not appended. Then checked the next artist with an "appended folder issue" and all of it's tracks have the same Album id but I'm sure there's some kind of tag issue involved. I'll try to take note of the various causes as I go thru the affected artist.

Just following up..... eliminated a number of problem folders by one of the following:
1) Removed "illegal" characters (ie colons and such) from MusicBrainz modified album tags that I hadn't anticipated being turned into a folder name so I hadn't worried about it.
2) Changed disc number from 1/1 to just 1......really couldn't believe that would work, but it did on some albums.
3) Similar to #1, renamed a "music folder" which wasn't exactly what the tags said the name of the album was.....apparently location matters nowHuh

That left me with nine albums that I could not find anything wrong with in the tags or location folder names. They are all self-titled albums (as in Dire Straits/Dire Straits, Fleetwood Mac/Fleetwood Mac etc)
All I could do there was to remove the MB album id from the tags completely and then verify that the "export folders" weren't appended with something else .......they were not, so I'm calling it "good for now".

As for inconsistent exporting of folder.jpg's,  no pattern found yet but since I already have them with my music files I'm not too worried about it.

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