Export/Import and local artist art improvements
(2017-11-06, 15:13)DaveBlake Wrote: 1) I'm not sure what tags had colons. Folder naming deals with removal of reserved characters, so not sure what effect your edited tagging was having. Can you explain?

2) Not clear on how disc number tag could have had an impact either. Can you give example?

3) No, just as before the name of the folder containing music files for an album does not matter. I think what you are experiencing is the result of setting export destination for export to separate files to be the same as your music source. The artist folder name matched, but the album folder name below it did not.

I guess it is too easy to do that unintentionally, and then draw those conclusions from the results. Not sure how to discourage it, as it is not "wrong" just creates results that can confuse. Maybe some rewording of labels?  Export to separate files is the more a diagnostic tool than for everyday use, used with an isolated destination for output rather than mixed in with music.

What exactly was the resulting folder layout for those 9 albums, sorry but I have become lost along the way about what happend. Can you clarify please.

And was that artist of album folder.jpgs?

I think it would help to export all items to separate files, with a destination folder completely away from both music sources and Artist Info Folder, and see what you get. Then come back with anything unexpected in the resulting <destination>/<artist name>/<album name> folder layout. Thank you for your enthusiasm.
Hi Dave,
Trying to be brief, but I'm sensing that I may not succeed......

First, all my tests have been to separate files and a semi isolated location. 
Using a Temptations album that had the "illegal character issue" as an example, here's my setup: 

Kodi_1025 portable installation path  -  C:\Kodi18_1025
Music Library path - D:\LocalStuff\Music\Albums\The Temptations\My Girl-The Very Best of The Temptations

Using MB Album # 4f0a9c91-4c4f-42ba-bb54-eb9878446b09  the following tag for the album name was generated: (again, I wasn't worried about the colon at the time so I let MB do wht it wanted)

My Girl: The Very Best of The Temptations

Exporting produced the following: 
Export Library path -       D:\LocalStuff\Kodi18exporttest\The Temptations\My Girl_ The Very Best of The Temptations_4f0a
After changing colon to a dash for all the tracks with mp3tag, resulting export was - 

D:\LocalStuff\Kodi18exporttest\The Temptations\My Girl-The Very Best of The Temptations.

Similar thing with a Grateful Dead album.
MB Album # 03385b21-ba70-4253-a635-2f64e893a95e
Dick's Picks, Volume 23: Baltimore Civic Center, Baltimore, MD 9/17/72

Music Library path -D:\LocalStuff\Music\Albums\Grateful Dead\Baltimore Civic Center 72 Disk 1
Export path - D:\LocalStuff\Kodi18exporttest\Grateful Dead\Dick's Picks, Volume 23_ Baltimore Civic Center, Baltimore, MD 9_17_72_0338

After mp3tag editing (figured I'd make the album name shorter as long as I was removing colon) results were  - D:\LocalStuff\Kodi18exporttest\Grateful Dead\Dick's Picks Vol 23 - Baltimore Civic Center -1972

I'm going to stop here. I want to:
1) Figure out how to best organize my test data into something you can more easily analyze ...... I archived the resulting directory(s) each time I tried an export, but since I did the "export everyone" option, there's  lot of folders/nfo files that aren't relevant...... I'm thinking I'll either take screenshots or I'll pm you with a link to some files...maybe a little of both.   
2) Try the test you suggested - I figure  since my music is on D: drive, exporting to C: drive should be far enough away ;-)
3) Get a better handle on what's happening with the folder.jpg issue.

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