v18 Library updates - test build 0801 results
I think I will make a series of posts in a thread as I work through the changes to make things more digestible.

Change info provider (albums)

I open up the album node in the library. The context menu has "change info provider"

1. Selecting this launches a second context menu. The second option is "Set for all albums shown" I don't understand what this means? Is this "all the albums in this view"? In my test source, it changed every album (idInfoSettings set to 1 -- was 0 -- and idSetting 1 strScraperPath set to metadata.local).

The third option is "set default information provider" (in Estuary with Arial font the label is truncated BTW). Selecting this brings up a select dialog. This is very nice improvement, as it is analog to the video source edit. Launching addon settings dialog from here works as expected. Same with "choose info provider".

Changing info provider launches 2 confirm dialogs, first "are you sure" then "refresh all". AFAICT, the effect of this is the same as changes the settings/media/music default provider setting. Changing it in settings does not launch these confirm dialogs.

2. Maybe deprecate the settings default info provider setting (my vote) or consider launching these same 2 confirm dialogs on changing info provider in settings.

scott s.
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