v18 Library updates - test build 0801 results
Good to have someone work through this, thanks Scott.
[My response edited for clarity by light of day]

1) What "Set for all albums shown" means:
"Change info provider" is available from any node with content = "albums" e.g. even a smart playlist showing just albums with year = 1960. This option is to set the scraper addon settings for just those (possibly filtered) albums. I guess the confusion is does it mean on the page, or all pages?

Setting the "Set default info provider" (3rd button) changes the default addon setting, and removes all previously set album settings, not just those shown (possibly filtered) on the node.

As you found, from the albums library node (which is unfiltered) "Set for all albums shown" causes all albums to be given an info setting, so is much the same result as "Set default info provider" for those albums, but does not change the addon settings. Hence a newly added album would be still have addon settings set to the unchanged default values.

a) Is that confusing? Should the "Set for all albums shown" button be hidden when all albums are showing on the node?

And both buttons are different from changing the default provider from the settings menu (in the two separate places - which addon to use, and the settings). That just changes the addon and any defaut settings, but does not change the library. It does not remove previously set album settings, nor offer refresh, but what is offered on the context menu does change the library contents hence the comfirmation dialogs.

b) Is that reasonable?

c) How can it best be made clear? As you point out the number of characters visible on the label is limited, so what else could these context menu buttons be called? Or should it be using some other UI approach?

2) We need to keep the settings for those that want the "fetch online info on update" when adding the first music source, as need somewhere to set what scraper addon will be used. Initially when no source the albums nodes will all be empty, so no context menu route available.

d) But maybe the change from settings should also clear and refresh any existsing albums or artists? Although generally settings changes don't get applied to the library retrospectively when they are changed

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