v18 Library updates - test build 0801 results
(2017-08-08, 07:55)DaveBlake Wrote:
(2017-08-07, 23:57)scott967 Wrote: started some test of multi-album and see that for an album smart playlist, the context menu doesn't offer "change info provider" nor "rescan all".
Odd, I see both on albums and artists smart playlists. Could you look a this again, is it something about the playlist rules? Could it be skin related (I'm using Confluence) how content is set? I don't see why this would not work for you but does for me.

As you go on to describe it is a useful and flexible thing to be able to do.

Argg. I'm an idiot. Playlist was "songs" by mistake. But I fixed the playlist to "albums" and do get the correct context menu, but it doesn't work correctly.

1. see log line numbers
946 I open the playlist trot.xsp
959 Open the context menu on first item in list view. Select "Change info provider"
982 Open second context menu. Select "Set for all albums shown"
990 Settings dialog opens for the current scraper and settings. Select "Choose info provider" (current provider shown in right label)
1003 Select dialog opens with enabled scrapers and local info only. Select a different provider (tested both scraper and local info which is also default) and "OK" button
1030 Confirm dialog "Use this IP for all albums shown here" Select "yes" button
1043 Back to music window. Check MYMusic db unchanged. I expected the idInfoSetting for each album in playlist to change.

I repeated this except selecting "Set for this album". Then repeated selecting the new info provider". This time the confirm dialog was "Do you want to refresh info for this item now". I selected "yes" and the info provider was changed for all the albums in the playlist. Also looking at MyMusic, I was expecting to see the idInfoSetting change from current (4) to (0) since I had selected the default provider -- local info only. But instead the idInfoSetting was unchanged, and instead in infosetting idSetting 4 was changed from metadata.1ting to metadata.local. This doesn't seem right to me?

(2017-08-08, 07:55)DaveBlake Wrote:
Quote:As an aside, could you remind me what the bScrapedMBID is used for?
It flags if the artist or album mbid came from scraping e.g. a name lookup then taking first match so could be wrong, or from embedded tags in the music files (taken as definitive).

When doing refresh from the info dialog, if bScrapedMBID is true then the lookup by name is done again (rather than use the mbid) to allow mistaken identity to be corrected. The merge processing also takes care to only overwrite mbid if it was empty or scraped.

Thank you for testing and reviewing this in detail, it is appreciated.

Thanks. I can try to do some testing of that.

scott s.
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