Help with deciding/understanding an appropriate setup
Not sure which hardware or OS would be best for my needs.

I would like to, in order of priority.

1) attach one or more eight TB hard drives with MP4, ISO, ect video files. I have one HD at the moment, but as my collection grows I will no doubt have to add more.
2) stream media. YouTube and the like.
3) maybe do some retro-gaming. Atari 2600, SNES. ect

Should I go with PI3, Odriod, Mi Box, Shield, Mini windows PC stick, other ?

LibreELEC, Andriod, windows other ?

Would a dual boot work best to go between Kodi and gaming, or can I launch games from within Kodi. I would much prefer a single boot system considering my limited knowledge, but if need be I could try a dual if necessary.

I'll be hard wiring to my router as it is right next to my TV and attaching the HDs to the unit via USB.

Also please advise as to which remote to use. IR, BT, air mouse. Would prefer simplest solution if possible. And I'm assuming I'll need a separate game controller if I add games to the mix.

Sorry if I posted this in the wrong group, I wasn't quite sure where this would fit ?

Thank you for your help.....
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Some limitations...

Android OS:
From general reading it appears that to connect Multiple drives to Android boxes you have to:

- Root the device
- Use [root] StickMount App from Chainfire.

More info here:

Windows/Linux/LibreELEC Kodi boxes have no such problems.

- to work around the Android HDD limitation, connect them to a Home WiFi Router and use its SMB server to access files. Most modern Routers allow this.

- Old Bluetooth(BT) PS3 controllers require Root access to pair them properly - a Mi Box for example cannot be permanently Rooted.

- There are cheap BT games controllers also available for the Mi Box that do not require Root access. The Reddit forums have heaps of recommendations.

- Android TV and its Apps will be the easiest OS to use for online video streaming like Youtube etc.

- a device like the NVIDIA Shield will be the Simplest Solution to get up and running out of the box with its integrated BT Games controller. It will also have the most up to date Android OS. You get what you pay for.

- works fine on Android devices like the Shield, Mi Box (S905x) or Play2 (S905) after you fiddle around configuring the BT Games controller setup. That was the hardest bit, as well as sourcing Retro games.

I have played Retro games on WeTek Play2 that was running the Android TV Marshmallow ROM. It was also easily rooted with SuperSU so I could hook up my old PS3 BT games controller using the Sixaxis Controller App.

Dual boot into LibreELEC / Android is dead easy with the Play2. You just hold down the power button on bootup if you want to flip/flop between OS's.

Best Wireless remote = Mi Box's BT Voice remote. The Shield one is also BT - users seem to complain about its touch Volume control regularly tho.

The Mi Box BT remote (aftermarket Mi Box3) also works with the WeTek Android TV ROM's. Voice searching does not work but Power/Standby button does.


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Help with deciding/understanding an appropriate setup0
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