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Country Details in .nfo file
While scraping with Ember, some movie has multiple country tagged like below for movie Biutiful. Is there anyway to just add the first country and skip the rest.


I am trying to show country details in media flags but multiple country is making it difficult. Is there anyway for the scraper to add the first country and skip the rest

No, but I've added "Limit for countries" as feature request: Link
Thanks Dan. Appreciate your help. Can i request one more feature request. While scraping for mpaa certification,..can there be option of preference for country as
1st preference : USA
2nd Preference : country
the country details to be taken from the "Limit for countries" field. i wanted to make sure all movies are proprly certified so that parental control are enforced.
Feel free to add your request on our tracker: Link

Country Details in .nfo file00