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Hi everyone! I've been using XBMC for quite a while now, but I've just signed up here... great job on it!

I'm comfortable enough to be dangerous with scripts in Python as I'm familiar with Perl and PHP. I've made a couple changes to RunXM 0.11 in case anyone else might be interested.

There were a couple changes that took place on the websites that the script calls to, and that made some parts not work...

- XM Radio changed the location of, and the file names of the stations' images. The images used to be called from the script as a "token" variable in XmBase.py that were (and are still) hard coded into XmBase.py; I don't know if it will break the script by removing those, so I left them. Images are now named the channel number plus ".jpg", so I've changed from using the "token" variable to show the image to using the "number" variable instead.

- The size of the images are smaller: 130x58 instead of 150x150. These images, once downloaded, are now saved to the "RunXM/images" folder (more for organizational preference than anything else).

- Sloth Radio's cover search pages changed URLs and the way searches are formatted, and didn't forward searches through the old method to the new method. The formatting of the search result web page was changed also.

(edit: removed incorrectly indented code; all improvements/fixes are available through the download links within this topic)

sorry... again, it's my first post. the indents didn't transfer to the above post.

(edit: post above was edited to remove the code indents)
wrap code tags around it next time Wink

Sorry no edit
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and there's this amazing new thing called diff...
spiff Wrote:and there's this amazing new thing called diff...

whats that?
its the standard program / format for representing DIFFerences between files.
i.e. fundation of any revision control such as svn. much more expressive (you only see what actually changed), can be automatically applied, +++
So I am a very experienced user of XBMC now with a whole MONTH under my belt!
I never even looked into scripts and amopst posted a couple times asking for some kind of XM plugin... and so after opting to LURK... I discovered Scripts... and this post...

So I have downloaded Several incarnations of RunXM and a few renames of what appears to be the same script... I have ONE incarnation that PLAYS music... butdoesnt display the 'GUI' images they way it should...

any playce where i can get THIS posters version without having to edit code as I am far to dangerous in notepad to be any good to myself...
netropolis Wrote:any playce where i can get THIS posters version without having to edit code as I am far to dangerous in notepad to be any good to myself...

If you have not used RunXM before, or have a version of RunXM before 0.15, download the new installation file at either link:

{Edit: Now only one installation file, as of 04/09/2010}

Extract the ZIP file above into a folder on your computer, then upload/move the whole RunXM folder on your computer into the XBMC/scripts folder. Run it, set your username and password through the script, restart RunXM, and begin listening!
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Calvin - you are great! thanks!
I have updated RunXM recently to allow for teh editing of the username and password through the XBMC interface, rather than editing the file yourself. If you have access to XBMC Scripts.com's installer through their XBMC script, you can install it automatically.

Edit: as of 4/9/2010, there is only one version available, which will either create the username/password file upon first run, or bring the code up to date with new features/content, without overwriting the username/password file.

A new script will be released in a while with updated channels to reflect the additions/deletions of XM Radio online stations, thanks to the Sirius/XM combination.
RunXM has been updated to version 0.15. No huge graphical interface changes, but I found that, with all the changes of the stations, if a logo was already downloaded, it would use the local version of the logo rather than the newer logo. IE: The old local logo for "Flight 26" would still show despite the new logo and station being "The Pulse."

The Channel listings have been updated to match the XM Radio Online channels.

Now, only one version exists, which is both a new or upgrade installation.

The installation script has been uploaded at xbmczone.com and through my website.
Thank you AGAIN calvin!

I am updating my XBMC again now... as soon as that is done grabbing your script... I am glad I pay for the uber fast broadband... it is so worth it!


Upgrade complete I am at the t3ch Nov 13 build... I installed the new RunXM0.15Upgrade
however... it states "(running)" for about 5 seconds and then turns off.
is there a 0.16 on the way Smile No worries - I do appreciate all you have done to help get the ball rollin with the SiriusXM merger line-up change! Can't wait to get it goin!

-side note... have you seen the interface they have on the M$ Media Center "online spotlight" for XM?
it is awesome... wondering if it is possible to use that wth some xbmc-tweaks? I am HARDLY a programmer but if I can help... pm me I'll do what I can! Smile
was this built to run on apple tv? i cant seem to get it to work.

currently, i'm not sure exactly what is going on with the "(running)" status; could you do one of these:
in XBMC on the Xbox, press the white button and select "Show Debug Info"
in XBMC on Windows (and I'm assuming same instructions on Apple/Linux), right click on any of the scripts listed, and select "Show Debug Info"

Since it shows up and goes away, my current guess is that there is no login.txt file in the scripts/RunXM/data folder. This is the first thing loaded by the script, and it would make sense for the script to fail here if it does not exist. In that case, you'd probably see a message in the Debug Info screen saying: "IOError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory:"

If that is whats happening, you can create a login.txt file with the text "NEW|NEW|" and place/upload it inside the 'scripts/RunXM/data' directory, which, if you don't have the 'data' directory, you'll have to create it. If you're uncomfortable with doing this, you may also use the new installation download to do this same thing.

Let me know one way or the other what is going on, I'll get to working/fixing it if I happened to goof on something in the script.
(For reference, this was my fault.)

yes, i've seen MCE's spotlight of XM! it would be a dream in paradise if i could get RunXM to do that! the problem would be a couple things however:
1) i'm currently doing this on my own, on my own time, and for free when i'm not at my full time job. doing that, the interface would need to be rewritten and new pictures created and implemented. and thats very advanced coding that i'm not sure i could do on my own.
2) the script will currently only read one stream/song info once a channel is selected and playing, and then every so often after starting its refreshed. i have no ideas on how to get several channels showing songs playing all at once within one screen, or how it can be displayed in the same way as MCE's XM interface.
3) from my experience with other programming languages, i know enough to be dangerous, and/or use trial and error. doing this is way over my ability, sadly.

but yes, it would be great if RunXM could have a similar interface as MCE's XM.

@ zulubear
It was not built to run on AppleTV, however I don't see why it wouldn't work. I don't have an AppleTV to test it out. Try the steps in the first half of this post as well to find out what the problem is.
ALMOST got it but close enough for now!

So I replaced my Runxm upgrade with the new install and it prompted me for username and password perfectly - gave me all the right station names' now that XM is now Sirius XM - AWESOME..

only problem was after it cached the necessary part of the stream the music started but a pop up indicated it had a problem and I should quit and try again with "Ok" as an option...

HOWEVER the music started anyway! and it ran for hours... So it works but THINKS it has a problem...

Good enough for me!!! I will see if i can post that login here in case you want to take a peek.

All things considered though - I am happy as hell

thanks Calvn!
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