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factory spot monitoring with drone-like video transmission method
I can’t take care of a spot of the factory line ten metres from where I sit at the booth with the console upstairs

To have a camera (on a Raspberry Pi or just a powered camera) facing the spot where the bagging problems occur quite often at ground level set up, with a video equipment similar to the drone players put at the booth upstairs so that when things went wrong at ground level, I can respond to it; with the current factory layout, I won’t notice the problem until the mis-bagged packs are delivered by the conveyor bells to upstairs near the booth.

Tools expected to use:
a mini camera;
a video screen;
power supply one each for the camera and the video screen

no experience in it in the past;
not sure how to get live footage from the camera sent to the video screen;
not sure what kind of receiver I need to get the transmission received;
unfamiliar with whether the transmission uses Wifi Internet data or not

Can you give me some names of equipment to search on the Internet? What will the benefit be using the camera installed on a Raspberry Pi rather than a stand-alone camera? Is there any step-by-step video or blog page relevant to what I am planning?
I don't see the word Kodi anywhere.
Thread moved to off topic.

You'd be better asking this on the Raspberry Pi forums.
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