Freeze during playback

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taak Offline
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I have rapsberry pi 3, with raspbian, and kodi now 17.3.
Playing video from hdd connected to usb (but also if file is in /home/pi) stops
and there is the 0 (or 4 or whatsoever) in a circle, then maybe after fews seconds it plays for some seconds, then a frame every 1 2 seconds, then stops. The behaviour is not always the same, but this kind.
Mostly the files are mp4, mkv.
So I tried
that I downloaded from (md5sum: d3e1a596b9c2239f213b504655260ec8)
I played it several time with different conditions, I'm sorry I don't know what is the best way to debug and collect info, so I upload these logs:

hope this could help
Thanks in advance
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popcornmix Offline
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I can't see anything obvious wrong in log.
Do you ever see warning symbols (power/temp) in top right corner of display?

Are you able to test a dedicated kodi image (LibreELEC or OSMC).
That would narrow down if there is an issue with raspbian intstall, or a physical issue (e.g. power supply or hard disk).
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rascas Online
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You have set ARM mem: 688MB GPU mem: 320MB and cache.memorysize: 50MB (which uses 3 times this value for cache so 150MB).
If you are running the Pixel Desktop on the background + other applications you may be running out of memory or hitting the swap. Try leaving the cache.memorysize at default + 256MB of GPU RAM, it is enough if you are running the default skin or not running heavy stuff on the background when you run Kodi.

And of course, check if you have a good power supply for everything you are running with the Pi and the temperatures.
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taak Offline
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Thanks for your quick and useful help. Following what you said, I copied the video to sdcard, and there it played well, in doing so I noticed that the transfer was very slow, I'm not sure why, maybe because the filesystem was ext3 and the partition almost full (recently I had similar problems with the root partition of the desktop pc), or maybe bad blocks... (I'm testing and find some ..)
In the end I got a new external hdd, and the videos played from there had no problems :-)

So, thanks for the help and thank for your work
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