big report of my first XBMC experience...
i have tested this new beta and try to report all the little stuff i noticed…
good and bad one Smile

please apologise if i did not know or understand the new philosophy of xbmc

i only look at the picture / video & audio section.

- aspect ratios of the picture are now ok on my 4:3 tv. latest cvs version of xmdb has a little problem with vertical digital pictures (don’t know if it was an xbmp issue or my fault)
- some tif images are not supported, xbmc freeze (have to figure out what’s wrong with theses files) jpeg is ok
- could be cool if “black key” also display exif data of the selected picture (iso, camera, resolution, date, exposure, speed, fstop & co… see metadata in acdsee for example)
- zoom: this is the most disappointing point of the picture section… when you zoom into a huge resolution picture (ex: 6mpix 3000x2000), you did not see the detail of this picture but some big pixels. in fact you’re zooming into the first screen which is a pity.
- when moving with the left analogue stick into a zoomed picture (i did not have a remote) it’s far to slow for me.
- freemem information is displayed on my “marvellous” pictures Smile
- rotation computation speed is a lot slower on xbmc than xbmp
- detail: thumbnails are not properly centre into the file icon… it’s a little “cheap”

- osd very easy to read.
- i’ve notice that when swapping from menu to full screen video display, the screen do flick a lot
- back button pause a video instead of going back to the main menu which is not consistent with the other picture and audio section. why not using the play button?
- when using the back button to pause a video, audio stop one second after the image.
- keys are to much memorized… my opinion is that if no buttons are pressed nothing should change.
1/   pause the video with key “back”
press key “play” to change display mode
restart the video with key ‘back” and then display mode is changed
2/ if you move fast forward for 10s using the dpad then if you stop, xbmc continue to ff for a very long time. please stop ff or fb if no key pressed.
- (like glyndwr of the forum) being able to change between a list of customed aspect ratio with one key just like the “start” button for the video display mode could be very useful. some of my video file did not display properly because of the aspect ratio. (also mix theses ratios with anamorphic sources…)
- being able to move fast forward or fast backward using the analogue ability of some button/stick could be quite cool to adjust the speed.
- swapping between osd mode “osd disable” and “osd enable without any length information” is not very clear for the user (function of the black key)
- it could be cool if the black key always means information key. perhaps you should then swap usage of black key and y key in the video section.

- when deleting a file from the play list, selection cursor should not restart at the very beginning of the selection. it should keep the current position so next deletion will delete next file in the list. (or previous if no next file)
- i have the feeling there is a bug when adding files in play list then delete some of them and trying to play some specific file in the play list… sometime it don’t want to play my current selection (did not find the bug pattern yet)
- could be cool to move a file in the selection… for example i want to move up the last file to be play just after the current playing audio file.
- could be quite cool to cross fade audio file volume when playing another file (to prevent audio pop which is not cool for the audio system)
- y to add an audio file in the play list did not select automatically to the next file (very useful in xbmp)
- y to add a folder freeze xbmp Sad
- usage of y did not give enough feedback to the user to know if a file has been added in the play list or not
- lack the ability to stop/continue playing an audio file (with key “start”)
- lack the ability to ff or fb in audio file (useful for long audio file… analogue speed control could be cool)

- when browsing through xns, file information (written in front of each file) always display 0 (it’s much better to display the good value or nothing)
- cool: scroll to show long file name is very smooth, you did not see the letter display on the screen.
- i have the feeling that button are not always mapped for the same usage in the different sections…  (stop/play, information, next previous…)

hope it helps...

all in one, this first beta seems very promising
keep making this good job Smile


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big report of my first XBMC experience...0
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