Request -  Request to release Kodi for TVs with WebOS 3.0
My TV is LG brand, model no. 32LJ616D, a smart TV that runs on WebOS 3.0
Would it be possible for you to compile a version of Kodi that can run on this TV (or on WebOS 3.0), please?
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Why ? I will have a new LG with webos 3.5 and i use xbmc/kodi since the begining. Why you dont want to compile Kofi for webos smart TV ? Netflix and YouTube are running on, why not Kodi ?
It seems like WebOS TV intended use by apps is via a JS API. I don't see a path by which Kodi could run in this environment.

scott s.
Its a bit too naiv to think that its just about "compiling kodi for webos" ...
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There is a root for webOS. Maybe it's possible to install Kodi like Linux app?
sure, spend us some TVs based on that OS (some might probably break by trying to flash something onto them, so we might need more than one), point us to a developer who is willing to do the work for it, wait a couple of months and then, if all will work well and everything is tested and considered working, then you might see Kodi running on that OS.

If you don't spend the hardware, if you can't point to a developer who does the job and if you don't want to wait a couple of month, then the answer is still "not possible"
A few things I would like to mention:

1. WebOS is an open source platform.
2. I am pretty sure Netflix, Youtube, etc. did not get a TV to develop their app, they probably just got the LG SDK like any normal dev would.
3. Despite the above I have developed webOS apps and yeah I agree it would probably be a complete rewrite of Kodi to get it working there. Some of the libraries MIGHT be reusable, but the core code and the interface would need to be completely redone from scratch. While WebOS is based on Linux, the kernel it uses is a modified version (I am not sure what or how much specifically) it also relies heavily on the Enyo framework for it's UI. This means the standard Linux build of Kodi will not work even if you rooted your tv.
4. Finally there is the storage space issue on ALL smart TV's trying to run Kodi. Kodi uses a lot of space.

I would say that you would love life a lot more if you just bought a cheap desktop PC with a decent HDMI graphics card and installed Kodi on that and connected it to your TV. There are plenty of remotes and remote apps that will let you control Kodi this way. You will have better performance, and plenty of storage space.
Is not it clear to me whether there is now kodi for the LG 55oledc7v with Webos 3.5. I had e-mailed LG customer service if there was an application such as Kodi. And they said that this lies with the developers of Kodi if they are willing to extend this ap.
Don't post the same thing in multiple threads.

As noted in the other one, the answer is no there won't be a version for webos.
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Quote:Today I build kodi for wayland arm for the 49UJ635V (cortex-a9 cpu)

The good thing: It starts fine (from terminal), and GUI is displayed as expected.
Unfortunately TV switches to the next free HDMI input immediately if I select kodi app.

I think I need some kind of wrapper / manifest / loader to stick kodi on the display.

Anyone here who want / can give some support?
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Request to release Kodi for TVs with WebOS 3.000